Meet Our Fitness Team!

Julie Coulston
Fitness Coordinator
Julie spent the last 15 years working at Tiburon Peninsula Club managing fitness programming. She used to visit her family here in Laguna Niguel on holidays and dropped into LNRC for cycling classes with her sister-in-law. She ironically moved here recently and learned that our fitness center was nearing its opening date, We met and immediately added her to the team. Julie's personal motto is "enjoy the journey". She believes in creating health and wellness programs that bring joy and energy to someones life. Doing that within a supportive, motivating community is ideal. Our club is the perfect spot for her combined goals of delivering a state-of-the-art fitness studio with an amazing staff filled with innovative services.
Stacey Tan
Fitness Director, Head Trainer
Maria Smith
Fitness and Boot Camp Instructor
Maria is a long time LNRC member who played #1 for the University of California at Irvine on a tennis scholarship while earning her degree in Social Science. She enjoys working with all ages and abilities and emphasizes a positive and "encour-aging" approach when helping clients meet their fitness goals.
Nash Campbell
Fitness Instructor
Nash is NCFS certified and specializes in strength training, sport specific workouts, and weight loss. It was through a lifetime of playing sports and continuing to live an active lifestyle that he decided to pursue helping others achieve their goals through fitness.
Holly Briscoe
Pilates and Spin Instructor
Holly grew up in Laguna Beach and is an AFAA, AAAI/ISMA and TRX certified fitness instructor. She also specializes in Spinning, Body Sculpt, Yoga and Pilates.
Cindie Borg
Nutritionist and Fitness Instructor
Cindie is highly sought after Certified Nutritionist specializing in customized diet and exercise plans based on your DNA. A simple swab of your cheek and she will find the genetic influences of what foods and effective fitness activities will give you the quickest weight loss and healthiest body for a lifetime of results. She also specializes in healthy habit training and stress reduction strategies and techniques. Cindie is also a Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Group Ex Instructor and Indoor Cycling Instructor.
Susan Lee
Fitness Instructor
Susan is a former professional ballet dancer, ACE-certified personal trainer, Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, advanced 500 RYT Yoga instructor, BarreWorks & Pilates certified senior strength-training specialist and certified in Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle issues. Susan competes nationally in gymnastics, pursued a professional ballet career, obtained a Bachelors Degree in physical fitness & kinesiology, a Masters Degree in dance and theatre arts, and an MBA.
Veena Grover
Yoga Instructor
Veena is a certified Ananda yoga instructor; a second degree black belt and certified Taekwondo instructor. Veena earned her Distinction Award from ATA Black Belt Academy in 2001. Veena has been teaching Taekwondo Yoga for the last 21 years. Her yoga philosophy is very spiritual, holistic and self identifying.
Linda Mulvaney
Spin Instructor
Linda received her spin certification through Reebok and received additional training from an ACE. Linda has been teaching spin classes at Laguna Niguel Racquet Club since 1999. She is also the original instructor at Spearman Clubs.