Meet Our Fitness Team!

Stacey Tan
Fitness Director
Stacey is an ACE and ACSM certified personal trainer and Health Coach. She recently received her certification as a golf fitness trainer with Orange Whip golf (GFX). She graduated with a Master’s degree in Physical Education from Illinois State University, and has many years of experience in the field of fitness. Clients include those looking to improve sports performance, individuals seeking to lose weight & improve overall fitness, those needing rehabilitation from injuries, and persons with high-risk conditions such as obesity, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, cancer-related issues, and Alzheimer’s. Because of her experience with a diverse clientele, Stacey tailors each person’s exercise plan to meet their specific fitness goals and lifestyle. Stacey is a very successful top rated trainer as she is always keeping up with the latest fitness trends and news to help improve clients well being.
Nash Campbell
Personal Trainer / Group Instructor
Nash joined the Spearman team in 2019 after transitioning from the healthcare industry into personal training. Nash was motivated to take what he learned after years working in mental healthcare that is integral to total wellness - a healthy body helps create a healthy mind. As a native Californian growing up in Bakersfield, Nash has played sports since he was a child and continued with football, basketball and baseball in high school. As a collegiate baseball player, he continued to see that dedication and consistent workouts lead to success in your sport, and that it's essential to enhance your overall state of mind. During his work career in his 20s, Nash continued to devote time each day to tough body building workouts and eating healthy. As Nash moved into personal training, he realized that functional workouts would better serve his quality of life and goals. Workouts became less about looking good and more about how they improve lifestyle, health, sports and activities. Nash specializes in strength training, sport-specific workouts, weight loss, increasing mobility, agility, and range of motion. When Nash isn't in the Club, he's on his motorcycle or he's outdoors doing something he's passionate about - hiking, boating, hunting, fishing or snow-boarding. Nash is certified through National Council of Strength and Fitness (NCSF).
Katie Salerno
Fitness Trainer
Katie has worked in the health and fitness industry for 31 years and loves her career. Katie moved to Orange County from New York and has worked with the Spearman team for 8 years and enjoys the sense of community here. Katie believes optimal health and fitness are built on a foundation of clean eating, daily focused workouts, holding a positive mindset, and a good night’s rest. She lives what she teaches. Katie can help you reach your best level of health and fitness with a guided step-by-step approach to lifestyle modifications. She specializes in results-based, tailored workouts for her clients. Katie has three sons and raises her boys in the same clean eating lifestyle that she teaches. She is also certified in Post Rehab training and can work with anyone experiencing pain, injury or post surgery. Katie’s health and fitness motto is “I will help you live your best, healthy life!” Certifications: American Council on Exercise, National Academy of Sports Medicine, Fitness Nutrition Specialist through ACE, EGOSCUE Method, Licensed Holistic Health Practitioner.
Yvony Richards
Personal Trainer/ Group Instructor
Myofascial Release (Muscle Recovery) Instructor Fitness has always been Yvony's passion and sharing her passion with clients, family and friends is her goal. Yvony's health and wellness motto is, "exercise and fitness are like medicine for the soul". She can work with a wide variety of clients from teens to seniors and her kind, supportive approach will help you reach your goals with her as your mentor and coach. Certifications: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Schwinn Cycling, Senior Specialist, Self-Myofascial release, Core training, Functional training after injury, Small group and Partner training, Corrective Exercise, Stott Pilates.
Maria Smith
Fitness - Boot Camp Instructor
Maria is a long time LNRC member who played #1 for the University of California at Irvine on a tennis scholarship while earning her degree in Social Science. She enjoys working with all ages and abilities and emphasizes a positive and "encour-aging" approach when helping clients meet their fitness goals.
Tina Rodriguez
Personal Trainer- Fitness Coach/ Group Instructor
Tina is from Argentina and joins our team as a full-time Personal Trainer. She will offer a few X-Training classes you're sure to find challenging and exciting. Tina has an energized attitude, eager to help her clients achieve their goals. She surfs, skates, hikes, meditates, does yoga, loves to be outside and is always studying and learning to improve her skills.
Holly Briscoe
Pilates and Spin Instructor
Holly grew up in Laguna Beach and is an AFAA, AAAI/ISMA and TRX certified fitness instructor. She also specializes in Spinning, Body Sculpt, Yoga and Pilates.
Linda Mulvaney
Spin Instructor
Linda received her spin certification through Reebok and received additional training from an ACE. Linda has been teaching spin classes at Laguna Niguel Racquet Club since 1999. She is also the original instructor at Spearman Clubs.
Suzanne Klee
Spin Instructor
Johnny G trained and certified, she has been teaching indoor cycling classes for over 20 years. These classes are targeted for endurance athletes and designed to provide a structured indoor cycling format rain or shine. Be prepared to sweat! “This is a 60 minute high intensity group spin cycle class designed to increase your cardio fitness. You will be riding out of the saddle for the majority of the workout. Each class is segmented into timed intervals to include sprints, squats, lunges, and tension climbs all set to high energy music integrated to motivate and get you moving. All classes include a brief warm up and cool down. All levels are welcome and can easily adjust to their own pace.
Cindie Borg
Nutritionist and Fitness Instructor
Cindie is a highly sought after Certified Nutritionist specializing in customized diet and exercise plans based on your DNA. A simple swab of your cheek and she will find the genetic influences of what foods and effective fitness activities will give you the quickest weight loss and healthiest body for a lifetime of results. She also specializes in healthy habit training and stress reduction strategies and techniques. Cindie is also a Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Group Ex Instructor and Indoor Cycling Instructor.
Veena Grover
Yoga Instructor
She has been part of LNRC Sports Club in California since 2003 and she’s a Certified Instructor of Taekwondo Martial Arts & Ananda Yoga. Teaching is her passion. Before moving to the United States from India she taught psychology and Kundalini yoga. She is a lifelong learner and spent years studying and competing at the American Taekwondo Academy - ATA Black Belt Karate - earning first and second-degree black belt certifications in Taekwondo Korean martial arts. Also an Ananda Yoga profesional coach, a worldwide spiritual movement based on finding joy, focusing on inner awareness, the energy of the breath inhaling up and exhaling release, and creating space and relaxation.
Natasha Sullivan
Zumba Instructor
Natasha is an experienced Zumba and yoga teacher. She loves to dance: after years of ballroom dancing, she discovered Zumba and became an instructor. Over the years, she also added specialties in Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning, and Aqua Zumba. Another passion of hers is yoga. A long-time yoga enthusiast, in 2015 she completed a 200H yoga teacher training and started teaching. Her motto: "Time is precious, do what you love to do. Find a workout that you enjoy and have fun with it on and off your yoga mat."
Stephanie Morse
Fitness Trainer
A native Californian, Stefanie has always had a passion for health and fitness. She has been a health and fitness coach for the last 5 years and loves to motivate and challenge her clients. Outside of the gym Stefanie enjoys traveling, the outdoors, good food and spending time with her children, 2 dogs and husband.
Tim Morse
Spin Instructor
A native Californian, Tim has always had a passion for health and fitness. He has been a certified Spin instructor for several years having taught at many great studios in San Francisco, Laguna Beach, and at LNRC. "Exercise has been a very large part of my life in so many different ways. I hope to share with others what I've experienced by teaching classes that people actually plan for and enjoy." Outside of the gym Tim enjoys music, traveling, surfing, snowboarding and spending time with his family.
Judy Garman
Yoga Instructor
Colombian born, Judy has practiced yoga all of her life. In 2007 she earned her teaching certification in Manchester, Connecticut at Samadhi Yoga Studio. She has been teaching ever since. She continues to deepen her knowledge and experience through formal study and practice. Judy has participated in numerous workshops given by very talented recognized teachers such as Tias Little, Sri Dharma Mittra, James O’leary and many others. Judy incorporates in her classes a creative blend of yoga styles and traditions that include Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha, Yin and Restorative. She offers modification of postures to accommodate all levels of yoga in her classes.
Meg Price
Spin Instructor
Over twenty years ago, Meg began teaching spin and group fitness classes at a tiny gym in Capistrano Beach while getting her teaching credential at Cal State San Marcos. Eventually she ended up buying the gym taught at and got her certification in Personal Training, ACE, AFFAa and Johnny G spin certificates. She continued teaching at several gyms while starting a career at Avalon Environmental, where she currently works. She is passionate and loves teaching fitness classes, going to the beach, watching her daughter play soccer and spending time on her boyfriend's boat.
Beth Upp
Group Instructor
Beth started dancing at 4 years old and has had a passion for dance and fitness since then. She was certified at Sweatstar Yoga where you are taught that yoga is an everyday practice for everyday people. She herself practices daily and guides Sculpt/Shred, Hot Power Fusion, Vinyasa and matte Pilates/barre. Her goal as a teacher is to empower the people around her and in the community to live the life they love. Another focus is to remind students that your one hour class might be your only “you time” that day so make the most of it!