Booty Burn with Beth


This one-hour class is guaranteed to literally whip your booty into shape while incorporating poses, weights, and strength training into the mix! Join Beth in the new Group X boutique for a challenging class focusing on those "trouble" spots we all want to see go away. Register on the app today! Booty Burn is offered [...]

Thai Stretch and Massage with Katie…


NEW Bodywork Class! Relax on a Zen mat or table as Katie delivers a blend of therapeutic stretching, breathwork, compressions, trigger points, vibrational movements, and muscle release techniques. Benefits include: improved range of motion + decrease in pain + faster muscle recovery + improved muscle performance + detoxification + increased circulation + RELAXATION! Try a [...]

Small Group Training at LNRC!


Group Personal Training Sessions have started! Make YOURSELF a priority! It’s time for YOU! Get your friends together or join fellow members! One of our expert trainers will help you achieve your goals, improve performance for your sport, and stay injury free. We are offering 5 group training sessions per week! Stacey, Nash, and Tina [...]

Barefoot Strength with Katie!


Barefoot strength has started! Join Katie on Tuesdays @ 10:45 am! Why Barefoot?   Functional or natural movement occurs on bare feet. Advanced sneaker technology of today does not allow for full articulation of crucial joints of the foot and ankle. Barefoot training stretches the toes, increases circulation, strengthens the foot and ankle and reduces [...]