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Meet Our Fitness Staff

Nicola Strother
Nicola StrotherHead Trainer/Tennis Performance Specialist
Nicola transitioned into personal training after ending her career as a successful stunt woman in Los Angeles. She works with any age group wanting to improve their overall health or reach the next level of their game with sport specific training and nutrition. She is a NESTA certified personal trainer, a certified nutrition coach and Etcheberry Certified Trainer. This certification focuses on speed, agility, quickness and overall fitness for tennis players. Nicola’s 30 minute intense functional circuit training sessions coupled with nutritional advice can help you lose weight, get stronger, increase your cardiovascular strength, preventing injuries, increase balance and flexibility.Stacey specializes in sports training, post rehabilitation routines, and weight management program, incorporating functional training effectively into her regiment. Her hobbies are golf, tennis, cooking, and traveling.
Peter Larrieu
Peter LarrieuPhysical Therapist
Pete has performed well over 20,000 Pain Free sessions over the past 11 years. Pete knows how to intentionally and systematically restore the body back to its original “Blueprint” to effect permanent bio-mechanical and postural changes. This restorative process has been proven extremely effective in eliminating all pain while healing injuries very quickly. Peter knows how to accomplish this every time with absolute direction and purpose. Shoulders, hips, knees, back, neck, and foot positions are restored enabling the body to heal and repair very quickly. His technique has prevented countless surgeries and has kept thousands of athletes able to perform their sports. As an adult athlete, Pete is a high level tennis player and has competed in hundreds of tennis tournaments pain and injury free. Pete’s brother Ron competed in the 1964 Olympics Games and has held several American records while his sister Francie competed in 5 (five) Olympic Games and has held 12 world records and 34 American records in Track. You gotta see PETE for his “FIRST SESSION FREE” offer.


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